Would you let a mechanic do brain surgery on you?

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No?! Then why would you let one professional do another professional’s job?

Last week I had a realtor call me and ask if I could improve on the photos that they took of a listing. Without seeing their photos I already knew the answer. Knowing that I could take better photos wasn’t a matter of pride, it was a matter of trade. You wouldn’t trust a mechanic to do surgery on your brain and you most likely wouldn’t ask a neurosurgeon to work on your car. The same is true when it comes to photography and video. A professional photographer is going to take better photos then a realtor (or even your cousin with an expensive DSLR).

You see it isn’t about equipment.  Even if a mechanic had all the right tools to do brain surgery, I still wouldn’t let him operate on me. He lacks the training and knowledge that only comes from experience.

I got permission to publish the photos the realtor took so you could see the difference between a professional realtor and a professional photographer. This is a difference you can see.

(One of their photos is followed by mine and so on)


So, the questions is, are your photos attracting buyers or are they sending them away?

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  • http://churchfilms.com/ Jake

    Good analogy JR!