Whitney & Ben | A Wedding Film

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It is crazy how God puts things (and people) together! Even before I opened the doors of GranolaTech I had already been asked to work with David Bley Storytellers. I had never met David but Ian Fleming, an old friend of mine, had worked with David and suggested my name. What I thought would only be a small things has lead to weddings to Florida, Gorgia, Houston, and Dallas.

The first time David, Ian and myself got together it was like a reunion of long lost friends. That weekend we spent hours filming, taking pictures, brain storming, geeking out over gear, looking up inspiration, and praying that God would be glorified through our creativity/art/work. It was more like a spiritual conference on filming weddings then it was work! Needless to say, I love working with the Storytellers. It has been an amazing blessing.

This is a wedding first film that we made back in April for Whitney & Ben. The house was on the water on the Atlantic coast of Florida and the groom was a chief. The whole weekend (food included) was beautiful! It was filmed my Ian Fleming and myself and edited by Ian. I hope you enjoy it!

Did I mention that I drove a car with Ian on the front using his steady cam at this wedding?

If you need someone to film your wedding, just shoot me an email!

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