Wedding Albums

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When I was a kid I loved going into my Grandparents closet to pull out family photo albums. They were always great. My Pompom always had a camera around his neck and he took great photos. My favorite album was from his time stationed in India during World War II. There was something magical about opening that album, touching the pages and seeing how much time had changed the book. But my favorite part was sitting down with the family as my grandpa would remember stories about living in India. It is something I will never forget.

Digital photographs are great. They really are. But, we miss a lot of the magic that comes from holding photos in our hands. That is why I believe wedding albums are one of the most important things about wedding photography. You want your album to be beautiful and durable. You want to be able to sit down with your grandkids and tell them stories about your wedding, you parents, your sibling, and college friends. A wedding album isn’t a coffee table book, it is a time machine!

That is why I use the most amazing albums I can find. They are only available to professional photographers (unless you know someone on the black market) and are simply beautiful. They come in a gorgeous box that opens to reveal the stunning album. Unlike a traditional album the photos are printed directly onto the page so you never have to fear about losing them. The album is 10in by 10in and has 20 printed pages.

I haven’t shared pictures of the album before but they are just so great I had to share!

If you would like to book a wedding send us an email at info@granolatech.com!

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