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Gareth + Emily| A Wedding Film

Gareth And Emily’s wedding was a blast! It is rare to see such close friends and family. Many of Garth’s family and friends came over from Ireland just for the wedding. But don’t take my word for how great it was, watch the wedding film!Continue Reading..


Warren + Rachel | A Wedding Film

Rachel and Warren were one of the sweetest couples! We had such a good time at their wedding. The whole wedding was great but what I liked most was their commitment to marriage. You could tell that they not only loved each other, they truly respected and cared for each other! We loved making this wedding film so much! Congratulations Warren and Rachel!


How To Download DaVinci Resolve

I have been talking a lot about Resolve the last few days. Here is a video I did on how to download the free version!Continue Reading..


Unlock Individual RGB Curves In DaVinci Resolve

When I first started using DaVinci Resolve I had the HARDEST time figuring out how to move only one of the RGB curves. In this short video I show how to unlock/ungang the curves so you can control just one of them!Continue Reading..


Color Correcting With DaVinci Resolve

Making a video look good can be hard work. I try to get everything right in-camera so I don’t have to do much in post production, but lets be honest, it is hard to make things perfect in-camera! Here is a behind the scenes looks out how I color correct footage in DaVinci Resolve. Remember, this is just one small part of what it takes to make a great film! It’s hard work, but I love it!


You can get a free copy of Resolve on their site!


What Kind Of Name Is GranolaTech Anyway?!

I get asked all the time why I named my studio GranolaTech. Today, you get to find out the answer!