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How To Download DaVinci Resolve

I have been talking a lot about Resolve the last few days. Here is a video I did on how to download the free version!Continue Reading..


Unlock Individual RGB Curves In DaVinci Resolve

When I first started using DaVinci Resolve I had the HARDEST time figuring out how to move only one of the RGB curves. In this short video I show how to unlock/ungang the curves so you can control just one of them!Continue Reading..


Color Correcting With DaVinci Resolve

Making a video look good can be hard work. I try to get everything right in-camera so I don’t have to do much in post production, but lets be honest, it is hard to make things perfect in-camera! Here is a behind the scenes looks out how I color correct footage in DaVinci Resolve. Remember, this is just one small part of what it takes to make a great film! It’s hard work, but I love it!


You can get a free copy of Resolve on their site!


7D 2.0 Firmware Update

This is a step by step video on how to update your Canon 7D to firmware 2.0 on a mac.Continue Reading..


Raw Vs. JPEG

This morning I was in a conversation with some photographers about if we use RAW or JPG files with we take photos. I thought that this would be a great time to make a video showing why RAW is better than JPG.

The experiment was as follows:

  • Camera on tripod
  • Full manual mode
  • Manual focus
  • Camera saving RAW+JPG at the same time.
  • Only changing variable was my shutter speed

I took one image over exposed and one under exposed. The images are exactly the same except for the shutter speed. There are a total of four images in the video 2 RAW and 2 JPG.

I hope that this video is helpful!

Now go out and take some photos!

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How To Clean Your Camera Lenses

Cleaning your camera lens can be really easy and is well worth it! In this video I explain why cleaning your lens in so important and how to do it.Continue Reading..