The Lantz Family – Home-brew and Smiles!

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Last week I had the awesome privilege of spending part of the day with the Lantz family. Let me just say that we had a great time! Not only are they good friends, but they are just fun people to be with! Plus, their girls are really cute.

Did I mention that Micah is a master brewer? Not only does he make awesome beer (from scratch, not a kit!!), he also roasts amazing coffee in his home! I haven’t met many people with an appreciation for food and drink like Micah and Rose.

These  peeps are great!


Also, there is still time to take advantage of March Madness! Book a family or individual session before 3/31/12 and get 40% off!

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  • http://www.colormejade.com Jade Payne

    Brother! These perfectly capture one of my favorite families! Thanks for sharing. I’m loving your shoots as of late. You are so multi-talented :) I love it!!

    <3 jade

    • jr

      Thanks Jade! I really had a great time with them. It is hard not too!

  • Rachel Russo

    Great photos JR. Love the authentic lifestyle feel.

    • jr

      Thanks Rachel! I am trying to capture people and their stories more than how I pose them. I am glad that is coming across!

  • http://google rose lantz

    Just want to say for the record, that I love the green wall pics because I love the fact that I know that Sophia is smiling because of Bethany! How sweet! Great Job Bethany in keeping Sophia happy! :)