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Wedding Albums

When I was a kid I loved going into my Grandparents closet to pull out family photo albums. They were always great. My Pompom always had a camera around his neck and he took great photos. My favorite album was from his time stationed in India during World War II. There was something magical about opening that album, touching the pages and seeing how much time had changed the book. But my favorite part was sitting down with the family as my grandpa would remember stories about living in India. It is something I will never forget.Continue Reading..


What Kind Of Name Is GranolaTech Anyway?!

I get asked all the time why I named my studio GranolaTech. Today, you get to find out the answer!


What I Actually Do For A Living

There have been a lot of people confused about what I do for a living. No, I don’t make Granola. Though that isn’t a bad idea… Anyway, I hope that this video with help clarify any misconceptions. =)


Would you let a mechanic do brain surgery on you?

No?! Then why would you let one professional do another professional’s job?

Last week I had a realtor call me and ask if I could improve on the photos that they took of a listing. Without seeing their photos I already knew the answer. Knowing that I could take better photos wasn’t a matter of pride, it was a matter of trade. You wouldn’t trust a mechanic to do surgery on your brain and you most likely wouldn’t ask a neurosurgeon to work on your car. The same is true when it comes to photography and video. A professional photographer is going to take better photos then a realtor (or even your cousin with an expensive DSLR).Continue Reading..


The One Bride Guide Cover

Awhile back I got a call from Monica Sawyer, the owner of The One Bride Guide. She asked if I would be willing to shoot the cover for the fall edition of her magazine. It was one of the best phone calls I got in the last year. All I can say is that it was one of the best experiences I have had so far as a photographer. First off, the crew and the model were AMAZING! Continue Reading..


New Business Cards!

I got my new business cards in the mail yesterday. I am really pleased with the quality and of them. The feel of the card is really nice and the colors look great. Continue Reading..