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Jessie | Bridal Session

I have a love hate relationship with Bridal Sessions. I love them because the photos are ALWAYS amazing but I hate them because I can’t post them till after the wedding! Jessie’s photos weren’t any different. These have been burning a hole in my computer just waiting to be posted. Well, now I can show them to all.

Thanks Jessie for such a great time! It was awesome!


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Amy Brandt | Bridal Photos

These photos don’t need an introduction! So, the less words the better! Amy is an amazing person and makes taking her bridal photos SSOO easy! Plus, The Ranch At San Patricio is beautiful. Continue Reading..


Shayla’s Bridal Photos

I have been sitting on these photos for weeks now and have been wanting to set the free on the blog! Well, the time has come. The wedding is over and the Bride can be seen! Shayla not only made a beautiful bride but she was a champ in the freezing cold wind on the day of the shoot! Her mom and friend Katie were great help to have!Continue Reading..