Career Week At Miller

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Last month I had the awesome opportunity to speak at Miller high school on being in the film and and photography industry full time. It was so much fun! I realized just how much I love my job when I was speaking. One of the students said it sounds like I have the life. I told him it isn’t because of my job (film & photography) that i’m happy, but because I love what I do. Every one has passions. There is always something that gets yous excited more than anything else. Find out what that thing is then make money at it and you will love your job as much as I do!

I made a page for the kids so that they could have resources on Film and Photographer. So, I tought I would share it with you guys too!


Photography Websites and Blogs



  • PetaPixel – A great site for inspiration and curent news on the photography world.
  • Digital Photography School – A site that will help you learn the basics of photography. I am not a fan of their style but it has great information.
  • The Sartorialist - The site of a street photographer who was a GQ editor. His lighting is amazing. Study how he uses the sun and where it is in relation to his subjects.
  • Kristen Marie – A great portrait / wedding photographer who proves that the most important thing isn’t the camera but the photographer. She just started using disposable cameras on some of her sessions!
  • Tim Tab – The site of a great French-American photographer. He is a good friend who I have worked with on photography and film.
  • The Strobist – The #1 site to learn how to use lighting and off camera strobes/flashes.
  • Photography Concentrate – My favorit site to learn about taking photos and working with clients. They also post a lot about the business site of photography. If you want to spend money on tutorials, these guys have the best hand down.
  • Jeff Neusom – This guy knows how to take photos. He is innovative and always fresh.


Film/Video Sites and blogs



  • Still Motion – My favorit film studio. They do great work and have amazing tutorial videos about cameras and techniques.
  • Philip Bloom – Philip Bloom is the king of time-lapse. He work is great and he has great tutorials on how to do it!
  • Joe Simon – Joe Simon makes the most amazing wedding films. If you need inspiration, watch his work. IT IS AMAZING!
  • Iris And Light – These guys make some of the best photos and wedding films. They are a must see!




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  • Mary b

    That is awesome! What a neat opportunity!
    I’m really happy that you are doing what you love!