Niko + Shermane | Married

Niko and Shermane’s wedding was amazing! It was great to see them get married! Also, If you haven’t been apart of a Greek wedding than you are missing out! The excitement, large family, delusions food, and dancing (oh, not to mention all of the money flying in the air and the baklava bar!) made their wedding one of a kind. I certainly hadn’t been to a wedding like that before! It was a night to remember. Thanks for letting us be apart of your wonderful day.

Congratulations Niko and Shermane!

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Ryan + Kaili | Married

Ryan and Kaili’s wedding was a blast! It started with one of the most hilarious hair and make up sessions ever and ended with a phat dance P.A.R.T.Y! We had such a great time with their family! Best part was taking them outside of the Art Museum to take photos in front of the sunset. They came out so good! We really just loved the whole thing.

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Sandy + Jonathan | Engaged!

I had a great time taking photos with Sandy and Jonathan! We went out to Port A and had a blast just walking around and taking photos. The weather was great, the sun was amazing, and they were super relaxed! Couldn’t have asked for a better time, or photos!Continue Reading..