Would you let a mechanic do brain surgery on you?

No?! Then why would you let one professional do another professional’s job?

Last week I had a realtor call me and ask if I could improve on the photos that they took of a listing. Without seeing their photos I already knew the answer. Knowing that I could take better photos wasn’t a matter of pride, it was a matter of trade. You wouldn’t trust a mechanic to do surgery on your brain and you most likely wouldn’t ask a neurosurgeon to work on your car. The same is true when it comes to photography and video. A professional photographer is going to take better photos then a realtor (or even your cousin with an expensive DSLR).Continue Reading..


Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman, author, screenplay writer, director, and producer gave the commencement speech to the 2012 graduates at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. The talk is about 20 min and full of great advice on making art. Well worth the watch.