Rappaport Wedding, Houston Tx

This wedding was amazing! I woke up on Saturday morning, drove to San Antonio to meet up with Ian and then we drove to Houston for this classy marriage ceremony. This couple is so beautiful that people were asking us what magazine we were shooting for or if the couple was a “real couple”! It was so much fun! After hours of taking amazing photographs, an awesome dance party, and a long dive, I got home at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday! Was it worth it? You better believe it! I wouldn’t change this job for anything!Continue Reading..


Zach 2012!!

Zach is one cool cat. A legit guy. I am excited for him as he embarks on his journey to Waco. Baylor needs to watch out!Continue Reading..


Go Red 2012 | Video

I made this video for the Corpus Christi chapter of the American Heart Association. It was a really awesome project and I loved getting to know the people at the AHA.


Career Week At Miller

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to speak at Miller high school on being in the film and and photography industry full time. It was so much fun! I realized just how much I love my job when I was speaking. One of the students said it sounds like I have the life. I told him it isn’t because of my job (film & photography) that i’m happy, but because I love what I do. Every one has passions. There is always something that gets yous excited more than anything else. Find out what that thing is then make money at it and you will love your job as much as I do!Continue Reading..